Getting Started with Us

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Individual Therapy – 50-Minute Sessions: $200 – $225
Couples Therapy – $200-$225 per hour

Couples therapy sessions vary in length. To get started, please schedule a 50-minute pre-therapy consultation session. The purpose of this consultation session is to determine if your therapist is a good fit for you and for you and your therapist to mutually decide whether to move forward with couples therapy. The session is used to get acquainted, to discuss your concerns and therapy goals, to review our approach and to answer any questions you have.

The initial couples therapy session is 3 hours in length. The longer session allows your therapist to gather background information; to get a good sense of the underlying issues causing your relationship distress; and to clarify a strategy for how to improve the emotional safety and security in your relationship. Subsequent sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours in length, depending on your preference.

All sessions end 10 minutes prior to the hour or the half hour.

Both partners are required to attend the sessions. Your therapist will not see either of you separately.


WellTalk accepts Humana insurance and we are out-of-network for all other insurance carriers. We will provide all necessary paperwork for clients to potentially be reimbursed by their insurance provider. Many of our clients receive some form of reimbursement from their insurance. Please contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage.


Full payment or your insurance co-pay is due at each session. We use a secure practice management system to store credit card numbers on file. We accept all major credit cards and HSA cards.

Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment and have not given at least 24-hour advance notice of your appointment cancellation, you will be charged the cost of the full session with the card we have on file for you.